FRP Grating Manufacturers

🤔Are you facing challenges of chemical corrosion with your factory workshop? 🙋🏻‍♂️We have life time solution! Plenty of FRP gratings used for platforms of the boiler room are heading to a metal smelter.

frp grating manufacturers

Convenient construction and lower project cost-make full use of FRP for fast on-site installation! High load capacity and chemical resistance will also extend the service life of your work area.

We are the FRP grating manufacturer, so we can design, manufacture to meet your exact needs, always stocked and ready to ship!

🌞Summer is getting closer and closer to us. It is the season for working and playing outdoors~

Ready for the summer, now it’s time to use composite materials to replace traditional materials and improve the safety of living and working areas! Even the heat with summer, Our FRP gratings and structural profiles withstand all kinds of weather and always maintain a cool touch.

frp grating manufacturer

We can provide more than FRP gratings! 

frp structural profiles manufacturer

️⚠Insulation? Excellent corrosion resistance? 

✅Transparent to radio frequency? Highly durable? 

❌Maintenance-free? Require no painting or polishing? 

🛠Easy on site assembly?

Our FRP structural shapes can also cover your project and stay within your budget!

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