FRP Grating features

Structural features:
1. Fiberglass staggered weaving and resin fully saturated, the FRP grating to maximize corrosion resistance.
2. The overall structure of the FRP grating will be load evenly, which will help to install the grating and the uniform load supporting structure
3. The glossy surface of the FRP grating and the italic mesh make the grating self-cleaning.
4. FRP grating surface concave so that the FRP grating is with anti-skid performance.

FRP Grating features:
1. Resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion, has excellent corrosion resistance.
2. Excellent flame retardancy, to ASTM E84 level flame retardant.
3. Beautiful appearance and easy maintenance, bright color, not easy to fade.
4. Insulation in a hazardous environment with electricity, with good safety.
5. Free designed, dimensional stability

FRP grating color
The color of the FRP grating plate is made from colorants and polyesters that are compatible with polyester, so the color is not superimposed, so that it keeps the color lasting. The colorful polyester FRP grating panels can improve your living environment and change the gloomy situation in a corrosive environment, adding to the current factory. Generally FRP grating color: yellow, green, gray, red, blue, black, natural.
1.The FRP grating used in the car wash room grating is generally yellow and red, with bright colors and more beautiful appearance.
2.The floor of the factory is generally made of gray FRP grating. In these places, the requirements for aesthetics are relatively low.
3. In the lawn, the leaking floor is generally a green fiberglass grating, which is more beautiful in combination with the surrounding grass.

The structure of the FRP grating:
The FRP grating is interwoven by glass fiber and molded by resin casting.
1. The glass fiber interlaced textile and the resin fully saturate, so that the FRP grating is resistant to corrosion to the utmost extent.
2. The overall structure of the FRP grating cover distributes the load evenly, which contributes to the uniform force of the fiberglass grating installation and its supporting structure.
3. The glossy surface of the FRP grating and the italic FRP grating surface make the FRP grating self-cleaning.
4. The concave surface of the surface makes the FRP grating have anti-slip performance, and the anti-slip effect of the sanding surface is better.

Surface condition of FRP grating
1, Groove standard type FRP grating. It is an economical general-purpose non-slip standard FRP grating. The upper surface is an inner curved surface that can be non-slip. The two edges of the surface are formed during the molding process. The scope of use is very wide, such as water treatment plants and living quarters. , electroplating plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical plants and other fields.
2, Sand cover type FRP grating. Quartz sand is added to the upper surface of the FRP grating for use in oil stains, slope environments or where there is a high level of non-slip protection; especially in wet, oily, frozen environments with good slip resistance. Sanding FRP grating application areas: bridge deck, stair treads, trench cover, floor and so on.
3, Flat type FRP grating. It is a FRP grating plate with smooth surfaces above and below. It is mainly used in construction, machine walkways, FRP fences, Fiberglass fences and other fields.
4, Microporous Double-layer micro-hole FRP grating, because of the reduced opening ratio, can reduce the chance of high-altitude dangerous goods falling through the grid hole. It is ideal for use in high-altitude walkways and other areas to prevent heavy objects from falling; The micro-hole FRP grating is also very suitable for places where the wheels are walking, which can effectively reduce vibration. This type of FRP grating has three surfaces to choose from – grooved, sanded and flat.

Anti-slip performance of FRP grating
The FRP grating has anti-slip function. The molded FRP grating has two kinds of non-slip concave lunar surface and non-slip sand surface which are naturally formed. The anti-slip sand surface has a mold inside the sand and is integrally molded and demolded again through the adhesive. Processing sanding two kinds, these two sanding surfaces provide superior anti-slip function, the sand layer is not easy to peel off and durable. According to relevant foreign data, accidents caused by slipping accounted for the second place in the accident. Slipping in many different factories has become the main cause of the accident and caused huge economic losses. The use of FRP gratings makes walking safer and more comfortable, and greatly reduces accidents caused by people slipping.

Resin type of FRP grating:
FRP gratings are available in three common resin types:
Ortho type, Iso type and Vinyl ester type FRP grating. Molded FFRP grating, Pultruded FRP grating.
The price is directly proportional to the corrosion resistance, so the most economical resin type should be selected according to the corrosive medium used in the environment, query performance and corrosion resistance table.
A.Ortho type FRP grating: It has ordinary corrosion resistance, can resist atmospheric aging, seawater corrosion, etc., long-term use temperature -50~60°C
B. Iso type FRP grating: It has excellent corrosion resistance, can withstand moderate concentrations of inorganic acid, various salts and other environments, long-term use temperature -50~90 °C
C. Vinyl ester type FRP grating: It has excellent corrosion resistance and can withstand harsh corrosion environments such as acid, barium, salt, solvent, or acid and acid. The long-term use temperature is -50~110°

The dimension of FRP grating.
Sino-grating provides the standard optional size 1220 × 4000mm, 1220 × 3660mm, 1220 × 2440mm, 915 × 3050mm.

Application of FRP grating:
1.Water treatment with FRP grating: overhaul aisle, gutter cover with Molded FRP grating, large container, washer, trash rack, flow tank, biochemical water treatment tank hanger, ventilation window, staircase, cooling tower console.
2. Chemical plant with FRP grating: stair raft, operating platform, guardrail, double floor, trench cover, grating
3. Petroleum industry with FRP grating: offshore oil platform
4. Textile factory with FRP grating: replace metal grille, wooden platform and cover cement floor, bleaching and dyeing tank, floor, near the valve, etc.
5. Power plant with FRP grating: chemical water workshop trench cover, wastewater pool, etc.
6. Metal surface treatment with FRP grating: pickling solution, around the machine to replace the wooden floor, around the highly corrosive container, plating line walkway, double floor
7.Marine food processing plant with FRP grating: harsh environment such as slippery surface, on board
8.Transportation industry with FRP grating: platform, ship deck, walkway, military minesweeper, stair seesaw
9. Beverage industry with FRP grating: stair seesaw, replace expensive stainless steel, loaded floor
10. Pulp and processing plants with FRP grating: stairs and slabs, floor walkways, places with high humidity
11. The electronics industry with FRP grating: trench cover, pickling workshop, anti-static (anti-static grille) and high cleanliness workshop
12. Meat processing plant with FRP grating: easy to corrode the ground, stairs, slippery floor workbench and stair seesaw
13.Car wash room / car beauty shop with FRP grating: car wash room drainage board, parking space, car wash floor trench cover
14. Others with FRP grating: Corrosion-resistant shelves, decorations, square fountains, scaffolding, civil building facilities, aquaculture fences and double floors.

FRP grating excellent performance

1. Chemical resistance. Excellent choice of ortho FRP grating, ISO FRP grating, Vinyl ester FRP grating. Mold FRP grating and Pultruded FRP grating with surface felt has excellent corrosion resistance.
2, Lightweight. Pultrusion FRP grating is only about a quarter of the weight of steel, very easy to carry, thus reducing handling costs.
3. High strength. According to the weight ratio of about 35% resin, 65% glass fiber provides a very high strength / weight ratio.
4, Anti-UV Add. Anti-UV agent in the formula and contain polyester surface felt to get the best UV resistance.
5, Flame retardant with a grade 1 level 25 or oxygen index of 26 or more flame retardant effect
6, Other excellent performance impact FRP grating resistance, maintenance-free, easy to process, non-slip safety, insulation and so on.